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Letter of Indemnity 

I, the right holder (The Licensor) of the short film trailer named above (hereinafter referred to as the said content) hereby indemnify and hold harmless Soul For Screen Ltd. (Short Film Trailers) including its directors, employees, agents, assigns, licensees, etc., against all liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred by Short Film Trailers that arise out of any claim asserted by a third party with regard to the said content or use thereof.


The Licensor further agrees that Short Film Trailers is allowed to post the said content on their Instagram.


The Licensor understands that Short Film Trailers would not be monetising the said content posted on their Instagram account, as monetisation is not a feature that Instagram supports. Therefore the Licensor will not hold Short Film Trailers liable for any revenue in return.

The Licensor further represents and warrants that the said content:
a. Is owned by the Licensor
b. Is the original creation / composition of the Licensor
c. The Licensor confirms having acquired the necessary rights including the right to monetize
and distribute the content commercially, from the original rights holder / third party, in the
event the content or any part thereof is not an original creation or composition and belongs
to a third party
d. does not breach or infringe any copyright, common law right or any other intellectual
property right of any third party
e. does not contain any matter that is libellous, scandalous, obscene or an invasion of privacy
or in any way unlawful.

In the case where issues are raised by a third party in regards to the any rights of the said content, the Licensor takes the sole responsibility to rectify the issue and bear all consequences without any involvement from Short Film Trailers; Short Film Trailers will simply remove the said content and ask the third party to rectify the problem with the Licensor.